Size: 73.5mm*19.5mm*11mm

Liquid Capacity: 1ml/1.2ml Battery Capacity:240mah/260mah

Puff: 300+ Body material: ABS Plasti

BH-01 Disposable pod device OEM(for Nic Salt)this one is the most popular one. When vgod stig came long last year, it quickly became a hit on the market. A lot of company wanted to copy stig, but it turned out stig itself had the leakage issue and most companies copied stig die in last year. We are the first one to solve the leakage issue by improving the desing. Our inside design isnt 100% same as stig, its an improved version.

POD A: 1.2ml liquid , good flavor, no condensation, no burn taste, no dry hit.

vgod stig disposable and FOGG disposables use POD A. The thing is their pod still somehow have leakage issues. Our pod A has no leakage issues, because we use 704 glue on the two legs to seal the pod. And even it leaks, we put cotton on the bottom to prevent it liquid go to sensor and cause auto fire. so you use pod A, you can make better products than stig and fogg.

POD B: Same as Pod A, except that it is 1.0ml liquid capacity.

POD C: Its a cost effective solution. good flavor and cheap. It is also easier and way faster in terms of assembling.