OEM for electronic cigarette solutions

BH01 Stig Disposable Pod Device

Classic Model! Good flavor and good airflow. No dry hit and no taste burn.

BH02 Stick Disposable Pod Device

Cost-effective Model! Anti-leakage and no condensation. Good price with high performance!

BH03 Bar Disposable Pod Device

Classic bar disposable pod device. Improved pod on the inside.More puffs than puff bar disposables.

BH04 Disposable Pod Device

Improved pod inside to provide better flavor. Good prices with high performance.

BH05 Disposable Pod Device

Exclusive Model from us only! Highly recommended! Sleek and lightweight!

BH06 Disposable Pod Device

Lightweight and Sleek. Unique Design and exclusive model from us. Two finishes: Oxidized and paper wrapping. Recommended!

BH07 Disposable Pod Device

BH07 Disposable Pod Device. New Model!

BH08 Disposable Pod Device

BH08 Disposable Pod Device. New Model!

Vape Pen

Electronic cigarette with option to add your own special dry blends, e-liquids, and others, heated within its chamber


"Mod" is short for modification. An e-cig "Mod" in its simplest form is a battery tube. Common types are 18650/18350/26650


RDA is short for "Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer", typified by a short, 510 base threads at bottom, and two posts (+/-) on its top