Shenzhen Moretiger Technology Co., Ltd. is an OEM manufacturer that specializes in electronic cigarettes and accessories.

moretiger offices

Founded in 2013, we have established close business relationships with lots of established brands from different countries, including UK, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, USA, and Japan.

In order to meet customers' demands, we purchased more facilities and expanded our production lines to increase our production capability.

We understand our clients' needs and respond rapidly, providing our clients with excellent, stable and efficient services are the basic rule of our customer service.

Our goal is not only to make their ideas to be practical in reality, but also to help them to express the spirit of their own brand.

The Team

We have a group of experienced workers, engineers and managing staff, which is why we are able to offer professional advice and solutions.

Tony Moretiger


Started ecigs business in 2012 and founded MORETIGER in 2013 , has helped many clients to build their bands and always very friendy to new ideas.

Yong Moretiger


Chief engineer,very knowledgeable, has more than 10 years working experiences in industrial design.

Jack Moretiger


Diligent, dedicated, and responsible and always strives to perform at his best in whatever he chooses to do.

Zachary Moretiger


Full of passion for the vaping industry, considerate to every client; he has done many OEM businesses with e-cig companies from many countries.

Alan Moretiger


Fully experienced in customizing e-cigs; a vaping fan and sub-ohm addict.

If you are looking for a manufacturer to build your own e-cigarettes brand, then we are your number one choice